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"L'Invitation au Voyage" in Honfleur.

The Vieux Bassin; the picturesque houses along the Quai Sainte-Catherine; the Lieutenance building; the Saint-Etienne church - all of Honfleur’s stunning features combined will enchant you whether it’s your very first or hundredth visit. Our charming hotel located on the Quai des Passagers invites you to discover this wonderful tourist location in the heart of the town. Founded by Jean-Baptiste Colbert, finance and naval minister to Louis XIV, this historic port has retained its identity and charm with its pleasure and fishing boats of many colours. There are also its unique houses of the 17th and 18th century centuries on the Quai Sainte-Catherine that line the Vieux Bassin. These tall and narrow houses with their slate-covered wooden façades and projecting floors stand tightly together, each one soaring over the water.

At the opposite end of the Vieux Bassin is the Lieutenance building, named as such due to having been the former residence of the King’s Lieutenant during the 17th century. It is the only important relic left of the town’s original fortifications, which have been reworked over the centuries, particularly during the 16th and 17th centuries. Indeed, it’s hard to find any of the old fortified harbour, known as the “Porte de Caen”, which made up the entrance to Honfleur’s fortress during the Middle Ages. However, looking nearby, you’ll notice on both sides remnants of the former ramparts that left the Lieutenance and surrounded the fortified city. These ramparts split today’s Vieux Bassin, which was originally not as big.

As you admire all the reflection of these façades in the water, you’ll also see an incredible explosion of colours which has inspired many famous painters, as well as writers such as the poet Charles Baudelaire, who penned his poem "L'Invitation au Voyage" in Honfleur.

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