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Deauville offers an incredible seafront along the Norman coast. 2 km of beach, 600 parasols, 450 cabins spread out across 9 Art-Deco courtyards, an Olympic pool, a world-famous casino, two ports, a sailing school, a tennis club and 101 nautical activities.

What makes Deauville so special is its famous boardwalk stretching out today over 643 metres. Fans of French cinema may recognise it from Claude Lelouch’s film “Un homme et une femme”, and plenty of tourists come for its cinematic vibe. You may also spot some of the world’s biggest stars during the unmissable American Film Festival, which has taken place at the beginning of September for just over 40 years.

Another colourful icon of the seaside town are its famed parasols, possibly the most photographed beach umbrellas in the world. First appearing on the beach in 1875, the parasols got their iconic stripes during the 1930s and have developed over time. Today, they have a unique diameter, fringes, wooden nozzles, beautiful colours and a special means of being tied up when folded. These photogenic umbrellas have enchanted many artists and photographers who have captured the beach in their work, including Fernand Léger, Kees van Dongen and André Hambourg.

The beach is also a privileged stomping ground for racehorses early in the morning, who enjoy the benefits of the seawater. Indeed, the town buzzes year round with its horses and large equestrian events. Being close to Deauville, our hotel is the ideal place to discover this seaside town where beauty, luxury and finesse are around every corner!

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